Stenzhorn Goddess Venus Diamond Earrings

Stenzhorn Goddess Venus Diamond Earrings in 18K Gold with 9.00 Carats of White Diamonds The four necklaces of the Goddess collection are created using Stenzhorn’s handmade second skin technique, which follows the curves of the body like the softest fabric. Each design is inspired by a small detail from the legends of Roman goddesses. Awaken the Goddess within. VENUS Legend has it that Anchises, a Dardanian prince and an ally to Troy, was seduced by Venus, the Roman Goddess of beauty, who had disguised herself as a Phrygian princess. When she revealed her divine identity and their son Aeneas, she warned him never to brag about their affair. Tragically, Anchises revealed their secret to Jupiter, who crippled him with a bolt of lightning