Bao Bao Wan 18K Gold and Diamond Fan Ring

Bao Bao Wan 18-karat white gold (12.74 grams) fan ring featuring 2 fancy rose cut diamonds (0.47 carats); 2 colored fancy rose cut diamonds (0.12 carats); 52 yellow, cognac, and pink diamonds (0.76 carats); 151 white diamonds (0.47 carats - natural diamond H/VS)

In Her La Brise De la Danse Series, Wan played on the Western perspective of Chinese culture. The seventeenth-century Chinoiserie movement was a period when European styles were hugely influenced by Chinese artistic values. Wan chose to represent her take on this in the motif of the fan, which is used in both Chinese and Western dance, music and opera, as a symbol inherent to both cultures. The frame of the fan is constructed delicately like lace, with tassels portrayed like tear drops, trembling delicately in the breeze.