Bao Bao Wan 18K Gold and White Diamond Pagoda Ring

Bao Bao Wan 18-karat yellow gold (20.38 grams) pagoda ring featuring 250 white diamonds (2.68 carats), 30 brown diamonds (6.85 carats) and 1 yellow diamond (0.01 carat).

La Maison De Mon Enfrance is a direct reference to Wan’s childhood growing up in a traditional Beijing courtyard. The collection centers on the form of the pagoda, a distinctive example of Chinese architecture that was originally used to house relics and sacred writings. As a child, Wan frequently sought refuge in the one inside her home, and this collection reflects that remembrance and yearning for her childhood. In particular, inspiration is drawn from her memory of one rainy autumn day, where she hid under the pagoda and listened to the raindrops dripping down from the eaves.